Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Kit - Sad :(

I really wanted to get a freebie Valentine's Scrap kit done.. but I've only scratched the surfice with it and well... I just won't be able to finish it.. I have so many things going on right now at home.. it makes me so sad because I see all the beautiful kits out there.. I want to finish it so badly.. I'll just keep what I have already for next year... Sorry everyone... And look.. I have such a cute Valentine's blog layout and nothing to put on it :((



Michele said...

Things happen, don't feel bad. There are a million things all of us want to do and we can't because of time, money, health or just life. Don't sweat it and like you said, you have a jump start on next years kit! :-) Or you can always work on it later this year and just put it out there. If you are like me I don't scrap the holiday only when it happens, it is usually much later and rarely during the month it happened in, usually it's a year and a half later! So either way it is all good! :-) Hope things go better and you are able to accomplish the things you hope to!

Keryn said...

Don't worry about it. Your family must always come first. I only get a fraction done of what I want - sooo many ideas & not enough hours in the day. LoL. Hope life slows down a bit for you soon. Take care.